BELL ROCK Video(2015)
Soldiers Pass W/Rob n Sharon(2015)
CATHEDRAL ROCK Charlie n Ginny(2015)
MOONEY FALLS(Havasupai Video 2013)
VIRGIN GORDA(BATHS 2016)) Jeannie and Galen
Cathedral Rock( 2016))Good Bad n Ugly
Elephant BUTTE( 2016)W-JERRY ROB
HUckaby Windows by ROB(Charlie, Rob Butch)( 2016))
WhiteLine at Chicken Point)
The Cave
Hole in the Wall with Jerry Galen Braeden Chika Brooke Tyler Keenan Ben Carol Charlie Ginny and Andy.
Diane by Braeden
Charlie n Ginnie white Line Chicken Point
Brooke n Tyler do Soldier Pass Arches
Brooke n Tyler do Bell Rock
Grand Falls (aka Chocolate Falls)
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